Meet The Staff

Romel Munroe
Account Executive

Lucantha Employee since 2018

After graduating from Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Romel began his insurance career in 2006 as a Network Administrator with Falvey Insurance Group. Romel’s remarkable aptitude for learning new things landed him an integral underwriting role in 2010 upon the startup of Falvey’s Yacht Insurance Division.

With over a decade of Maritime Underwriting experience and an even longer history in Network Administration, Romel plays a key role on Lucantha’s renewal team by marketing, servicing, and issuing the multimillion-dollar book of renewal business. Romel is also responsible for Managing the IT department within Lucantha which is an invaluable position within the company.

You can reach Romel at romel@lucantha.com or (207) 888-3916.